Work > Shifting Perspective

At the Right Angle
Diptych oil on canvas
72” x 123"
Untitled (pink)
Oil on canvas
66" x 48"
Untitled (blue)
Oil on canvas
48" x 60"
Untitled (yellow and grey)
Acrylic and pen on canvas
50" x 50"
Untitled (pink and orange)
Acrylic, gouache, pen and tape on paper
24" x 19"
Untitled 6
Oil and pen on canvas
72" x 72"

The city I live in is marked by instability, with streets, houses, and high-rises being taken apart, torn down and rebuilt, or paved over for something else to take their place.

This work borrows from the architecture of the surrounding city, rearranging elements to find a way of representing the shifting perspective that makes the familiar, strange.

Compression and expansion of space.
Change in scale and orientation.
Flatness, vertigo.